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I’m slowly putting this website back together after losing the last year and a half of content – as a result everything you see here is a bit OLD. If you’d like to get in touch please drop me a line at renscombe DOT press AT, contact me via Twitter, or visit my Vox Lab site for more recent work.



I’m in this new anthology from the workshop of Dr Fulminare. ‘Birdbook 1: Towns, Parks, Gardens and Woodland’ contains the work of 50+ poets and illustrators. £10 plus postage. Full details here

Korsakoff’s Paper Chain

Late last year, I was unfortunate enough to come to the attention of that feared autodidact and autocrat alchemist Dr. Fulminare, who demanded I produce a poem for his latest hare-brained recipe. Warily, I accepted a small spoonful of hare brain, and quite tasty it proved to be. Anyway, the upshot was this splendid micro-anthology, Korsakoff’s Paper Chain, which I urge on all discerning readers.

Korsakoff's Paper Chain

As Dr. F himself explains:

“Just as a patient suffering from Korsakoff’s syndrome, which affects the memory, may confabulate – create a false account in order to explain their solution and completely believe in it – and just as an act of architectural restoration may involve a certain amount of creative guesswork, so too goes the story of this wretched scrap of literature. Repeatedly destroyed, savaged, battered and blown to bits, only to be rebuilt from a few scattered remains by a different writer every time, it has survived long enough to be worth my presenting to you in bound form, with every past iteration having been reclaimed using sorcery, and the full story of its life painstakingly put back together. I, Dr Fulminare, give you the one and only Korsakoff’s Paper Chain.”